July 2019 Newsletter

August 7, 2019

For whosever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!  Rom 10:13-15. KJV.


Last day of Language School (Tours, France). Three month certificate in hand.



Three of Four Team DR Congo; Julie, Ernest and myself. Expecting great things in Jesus' Name! (4th Member; Sherrill, will rejoin us in August)







Hello, I am praying this finds you all well.  I have finished my language training in France and have returned to DR Congo. The blessing of living and studying in France for three months was amazing.  I spent the fist four months of 2018 in Tours, France studying at the Institut de Touraine.  This year, I spent three months in the same town but at a different school; the Centre Langue de Etranger (CLE).  The reason for the change was an attempt to evaluate different programs for new Congo team members going forward.  


I arrived at CLE April 1 and studied until June 23.  Class was Monday through Friday with weekends free. This school focused much more on talking in typical social setting and required much more home study for grammar and vocabulary than the other school. We would typically spend this first hour in the morning with new grammatical concepts and then the remainder of the morning working on reading and verbal comprehension. After lunch, we could choose from multiple language workshops that would focus on various accepts of French history and culture. During the workshops; we would watch a video or read an article and then discuss the presented information. The goal was to encourage the students to exercise verbal skills related to diverse topics. These classes were very interesting and varied greatly. For example; I learned about French cuisine, political structure, education system and cultural traditions just to name a few. The school also facilitated improving conversation skills over the weekends through scheduling various outings and student events. I truly believe that my grasp of French greatly improved in their program. I feel very confident in my understanding of grammar and I have the confidence to engage French speakers in conversations.  However, I still have a lot to learn and improve on.


Personally, I found Church one of the most difficult aspects of living in France. The concept of language immersion is critical to practical language acquisition. “The idea of constant expose to the new language”. However, there were times I just wanted to go to Church and worship Jesus and hear His Word.  In Tours, there were wonderful welcoming Churches. Because these Churches presented everything in French; their service’s where more of a language exercise than a spiritual encounter. Thankfully, I found a Hillsong Church in Paris that had a bilingual (French/English) service. It was a huge blessing. To take a day and forget about learning and just go to Church. I had the opportunity to visit on four occasions and in was a phenomenal blessing.  Thank you Jesus for brothers and sisters all over the world.


I arrived in Livingstone Zambia on Thursday, June 27.  I spent the remainder of that week and the following weekend at our main logistical base, Rapid 14.  It was a time to meet with leadership, catch up with friends and enjoy a great Sunday Church service. I departed for DR Congo on July 2 and spent the next 3 days traveling to Likasi, DRC.  I crossed into DRC on July 4.


On my return to Likasi, I submitted my passport for the visa renewal process. During this process, I cannot venture outside of the city limits of Likasi. This process took over 4 weeks last year. This basically limits our ministry opportunities to local churches. As most of you know; Overland Missions exists to take the Gospel to remote and forgotten areas. This is the primary reasons I was initially drawn to Overland. Jesus has placed on my heart the pressing need to take His Gospel to these neglected peoples. I am very happy to report that we received our visa renewal last week. This now frees us for ministry for the next eleven months.  Thank you Jesus!


We are now praying and preparing for the meetings that will allow us to reconnect with tribal, local, and federal leaders. I am very excited about the ministry opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you so much for teaming with me in this ministry. I am faithfully believing for the amazing testimonies that I will be relaying to you in my next newsletter. 


Prayer Requests:  

1) Ernest, our Congolese team member has been very blessed in his career as a lawyer.  This is wonderful news for him and his family; we are very happy for him. However, he is very busy with very little free time.  We need additional Congolese believers who would like to partner in this ministry going forward. Pray that God will send us men and women who have a vision for evangelizing the remote areas of their nation.

2) The government has not yet granted me permission to import my Jeep into their country. We are having to use public transport to and from the villages. We need personal ministry vehicles in this country. Pray for God to make a way.

3) My level of French has greatly improved, but I still need your prayers for continual improvement. 


As always: Father; nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done.




I know life can be overwhelmingly busy. I do thank you for taking time to read this newsletter. Blessings in Jesus Name.

Your Loving Brother In Christ,
Darin Stewart

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