Walking With God Series Recap

May 29, 2018

This series has been such a blessing to me.  I have so enjoyed how everything fits together and we can see how God’s Word teaches us principles of how we can truly walk, or live, a life that is pleasing to God and brings Him glory.   Thinking about what we learned this month and looking forward at how I can apply it to my life, I wanted to spend some time re-capping how the whole series tied together.


Walking - We started the series with an overview of what it means to walk with someone.  When we choose to spend time following God, there is companionship and fellowship.  We truly come to know God and His will and plan for our lives when we walk with him.  There is direction, action, and progression.  We follow Him, walking the path He lays out, and He leads us where we need to go.  But as we walk on this path we learn God’s heart and His plans.  The action is motion, we are not stagnant, but actively pursuing God and His will.


Walking in Love - Pastor White teaches us so consistently that the love of God is foundational to our walk with God.  It is not about just showing love to those that love us, but being a demonstration of God’s love.  The true love of God becomes manifested in actions.  There must be a demonstration, and the greatest demonstration of love was Christ’s death on the cross for our sins, that paid the price to restore us to fellowship with God.  It gave each of us freedom from sin and the ability to love God and to live in God’s love, demonstrating that to the world and allowing God to manifest Himself through us.


Walking in Faith - We know that without faith it is impossible to please God, so how do we walk in faith?  Walking by faith and not by sight is complete trust and confidence in God, to truly walk by faith, we must trust and obey.  Man says seeing is believing, but God says believing is seeing.  If we want to know who God is, we have to sow time and attention into Him.  As we spend that time with Him, we learn to trust Him more and more leading us to walk with Him in faith.


Walking in the Light - Jesus told us that we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill.  We learned that God’s light is a brilliant illumination.  We are to live and walk as bright shining reflections of God’s light.  Light is only visible if it has something to reflect off of, we are reflections of God’s light and His love.


Walking Worthy - We learned that worthy here means appropriately, or fitting.  We are to walk appropriately of our role in the body of Christ.  Part of that is understanding our station, we are called into fellowship with Christ, as kings and priests with responsibilities that we are accountable for, serving because He taught us to serve.  We are to live visible transparent lives, as the Apostle Paul taught.  Not saying, ‘Don’t look at me,’ but rather, ‘Look at Christ in my life.’  We learn to walk worthy, or appropriately, by walking in His Spirit, walking in His Word, and as a result we will bear abundant fruit.


Walking in the Truth - We looked at 2 John and saw that love and truth are a divine pairing.  We learned that the truth is not always comfortable and can challenge us, but we are still to continue in truth.  We are responsible for making due use of opportunities given to us as we walk in truth. 


Walking in the Old Path - Pastor White taught us from Jeremiah 6:16, that we should seek for the original relationship, taking it all the way back to Abraham and the covenant that God made.  We are to serve, obey, and recognize God.  The children of Israel lived their lives moving when God moved, staying when God stayed.  The door of their tents faced the tabernacle, so the that was the first thing they saw each time they left their home. We are to place God at the center of our lives.  Remembering that God’s presence guarantees victory, but demands holiness.


Walking not in the counsel of the ungodly - As we go through life and seek counsel on decisions we make are we only seeking opinions of those that we want to hear?  Or are we truly seeking godly counsel in our lives?  Do we avoid the counsel of the ungodly and still fail to seek the counsel of the godliest?  We learned several characteristics of the ungodly, they are easily moved because they have no substance or weight, they have no responsibility and are accountable for nothing.  We learned that the most dangerous ungodly people have a form of godliness, but their appearance doesn’t match their heart.  We also learned several characteristics of godly counsel.  Godly advise is always direct and honest, godly men persevere and survive hardship, they know that God can deliver.  Who we spend time with, who we walk with, has a significant impact on our walk with God.  Proverbs 13:20 tells us that ‘He that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.’


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